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HR Audits / Compliance Assessment

In a Sticky Situation? We Can Help

Many companies don’t realize the importance of having a Human Resources Professional until a crisis occurs. Employment litigation can cost employers time and money and employers soon realize their liabilities and obligations regarding employment related statutes and regulations. Failure to recognize potential causes of action for wrongful discharge, employment discrimination, pay discrimination and other non-compliance issues regarding federal and state employment laws can produce fines and costly results.

AJ Consulting Group Can Assist With:

AJ Consulting Group recommends performing a comprehensive assessment of your human resource department, an HR Gap Analysis, to determine the current level of compliance as a starting point for managing the HR function. An effective HR Gap Analysis will identify areas of efficiency, as well as reveal areas of needed improvement and provide recommendations to meet those needs.

Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies

The Benefits Of Investing In Positive Employee Relations Are:

  • Growth and Development
  • Reduction in Turnover
  • Employees Have Extensive Knowledge of Company Practices
  • Enhanced Motivation
  • Increase in Revenue
  • Conflict Reduction
  • Employee Loyalty
  • Enhancing Clear and Accurate Communication
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies
  • Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Handbook

AJ Consulting Group Can Assist With

  • Communication to Employees
  • Legal Compliance
  • Audit Existing Employee Handbooks

The purpose of an employee handbook, is to communicate policies, benefits and work standards to all employees in a single document. An up-to-date employee handbook can disseminate legally required policies, such as anti-harassment, family and medical leave or drug testing policies. Handbooks are a great reference for supervisors regarding the implementation and enforcement of company policies. This promotes uniform and consistent treatment of employees, thus reducing the risk of discriminatory treatment. Internal policies and procedures can mean the difference between effective and ineffective management.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Programs

AJ Consulting Group Can Help

  • Design, Development and Implementation

Research shows that having a well developed employee onboarding program has a positive return of investment on employee retention and improves productivity. AJ Consulting Group can help integrate new employees or newly-promoted leaders into your organization or a particular role to enhance not only employee engagement and retention but also motivation and job satisfaction.

Performance Management And Incentive Plans

AJ Consulting Group Can Assist

  • Development of Evaluation/Appraisal Program based on your company culture
  • Defining Expectations, objectives, and goals
  • Develop supervisors to have open, consistent, and engaging conversations with subordinates
  • Respond in real time communication through frequent and informal check-ins
  • Train managers to be skilled advisors
  • Integrate teamwork goal-setting, rather than solely focusing on individual performance

Performance appraisals have a reputation as being the least liked task of supervisors. This process can be uncomfortable for both the untrained mananger and the employee.

AJ Consulting Group believes in using behavioral based practices to provide employee feedback that motivates the employee and drives positive team results.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion plan

Create The Right Type Of Culture To Be An Employer Of Choice


A hiring survey conducted by Glassdoor showed that two-thirds of respondents reported that workplace diversity was something they considered when looking for a job. What’s more, surveys have also shown that companies with greater ethnic and gender diversity tend to financially outperform less diversified competitors.

The benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive work culture are:

  • Improved creativity and innovation
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Market strengths
  • Branding
  • Global integration and local differentiation


Workforce Management

AJ Consulting Group Can Help

  • Job Analysis
  • Job Descriptions
  • Succession Planning
  • Gap Analysis

We understand that it is all about getting the right number of people, the right workers, in the right place at the right time, doing the right tasks.



Business Contingency Planning

Have A Plan If Disaster Strikes?

Disaster can strike anywhere and at anytime. Common workplace interruptions include, fires, weather disaster, loss of power, and workplace violence. The most recent disaster, SARS-Cov-2, was unchartered territory in disaster planning and many employers found themselves struggling to stay on top of the ever changing protocols and regulations. With entire workforces now working remote, employers now had to ensure that employees received adequate security training about security policies and data privacy requirements. Other considerations included communicating an emergency plan, assigning points of contact, enforcing social distancing, enforcing hygiene practices, and identifying critical tasks for business continuity. It was quite an unprecedented time to say the least. 

With the workforce transitioning back into the office, it is recommended to review your business continuity plan (or create one if needed) to ensure a smooth transition back into the office and incorporate a plan that includes any other potential unforeseen disruptions.

You can relax knowing that AJ Consulting Group has a plan for you.



Leadership Development

AJ Consulting Group Can Help

The well-being and success of a company comes from the top down and leaders heavily influence the culture of an organization. Investing in leader development is a great way for an organization to:

  • Gain a competitive advantage
  • Drive strategy execution
  • Improve employee retention
  • Create a succession plan
  • Develop leaders into skilled advisors

AJ Consulting Group believes in employee investment.

leave Management

AJ Consulting Group Can Assist With

  • Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • Family Medical Leave
  • California Family Rights Leave
  • Short Term Disability Leave
  • Sick Leave
  • Families First Coronavirus Response Leave
  • Personal Leave
  • Military Leave 

Training & Development

AJ Consulting Group Can Help

  • Workplace Attitudes
  • Skills
  • Behaviors
  • Abilities

Effectively evaluating candidates prior to selection or promotion strengthens your bottom line by selecting the right person the first time. This also allows you to retain your recruiting and training investment.

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